Leaving a Legacy

Over 100 years ago, a handful of believers in Mangawhai had the vision to lay a foundation for God’s House in Mangawhai. The original Mangawhai Church building, later called Mangawhai Interdenominational Church, was built using local labour and donated materials in 1907. The vision these people and subsequent generations carried, was to see God’s Kingdom grow in this community. Every one of us has benefited from their vision and their prayers, and now it’s our turn to invest in the next generation.

This year we are introducing ‘Legacy’ – an offering that will help achieve the vision that we share here at CauseWay. Our first goal is to complete our new building on our land and finally have a permanent home for CauseWay Church.

For our Legacy Offering we are asking you to make a faith pledge. A faith pledge is a commitment of finances that you will give over the next 12 months – over and above your tithes and offerings – to make a difference to future generations. Whether that is $5/week or $100/week – the amount is not what matters. It’s about the opportunity to give what God puts on our hearts in order to accelerate the vision of our church and reach more people with the Good News of Jesus.

This year’s Legacy Offering runs from October 2022 to September 2023.

We’re encouraging everyone to join with us on our Legacy journey. We are all in different stages of life. It’s not about equal giving, but equal sacrifice. Our goal is not for a certain amount to be given, but for everyone to participate in some way. Please pray and plan to give to our Legacy Offering—you can make all the difference. No matter the amount, you can play a crucial part in building the future generations of our church.

Everyone matters. Everything counts. As always, it’s between you and God. Just simply ask Him, “What should I give?”

How To Make Your Faith Pledge

1. Pray and ask God what He would have you commit to Legacy.

2. Write down and submit your faith pledge using the online or paper form.

3. Continue to pray for Legacy and plan your budget to make this a reality.

4. Set up your direct credit to the CauseWay Church bank account with your weekly, monthly or annual commitment.

Bank Account : 12-3094-0198460-00   Reference: ‘LEGACY’

Or you can give on Sundays by EFTPOS at the Info Table, or by cash at the Giving Station in an envelope labelled ‘Legacy’. 


Giving Table

This Giving Table is a guide to show you how your 12-month pledge multiplies when combined with the commitment of others.  The more who take part, the bigger difference we make. (A giving unit is one individual/couple/family)

Make A Difference

Every pledge makes a difference. And gives us an opportunity to join our faith and our finances to building a Kingdom Legacy for our children, and our children’s children!

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the Legacy Offering go towards?
This year’s Legacy Offering is going towards building our new church home
Is my giving tax-deductible?
Yes – you are able to claim your giving as a charitable donation, entitling you to claim a rebate of 33% e.g a $1000 donation earns a $333 tax rebate
How do I submit my Legacy pledge?

Fill out a pledge form OR use the online pledge form (see link above). When you make your pledge, submit the total amount you are choosing to pledge for the 2022/23 year.

When should I honour my Legacy pledge?
You can honour your Legacy pledge for the 2022/23 giving cycle at any time from now onwards. Depending on your choice and circumstances, your contributions towards your pledge can be made at any time throughout the year. You can give a one-off lump sum, or give on a weekly or monthly basis. Our final date for completing pledges will be in September, 2023.
How do I honour my Legacy pledge?

You can give online through direct credit to the CauseWay Church bank account. Or you can give by EFTPOS at the Info Table on Sunday, or give cash at the Giving Station at church in an envelope labelled ‘Legacy’.

CauseWay Bank Account : 12-3094-0198460-00    Reference: ‘LEGACY’

If my circumstances change, can I change my pledge?

Yes – you are free to change your pledge at any time; simply submit an updated pledge form (paper or online). If your circumstances change and you are unable to fulfil your pledge, simply contact us.

Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions